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Imagine being back in the colony ofMassachusetts before the Revolutionary war. As you walkdown the streets of Boston, you couple a young man namedJohnny Tremain. After listening to his story, you think of thedifferent ways you could describe him. You could describehim by his looks, by his record, and by the talents heportrays. His character is so interesting that its hard todescribe his skilled talents, his complex personality, and hisadored physical features. As you remember the tale of hishardships and fate, you know that Johnny Tremain pull up stakes standin your mind forever. Standing alone on the wharf next to hismagnificent house, you see a thin, light haired, lightcomplected young man. at that place are many ways you candescribe the way Johnny Tremain looks. You can tell by theway he stands, so proud, that he is more or less 15 years old.You can see that hes strong but hes also frightened. As youmove your eyes towards whats behind him you notice thathis hand is crippled and was in all likelihood burned. Your eyesmeet his and theyre a piercing blue. You are so struck byhis looks you cant wait to go talk to him and find by abouthis personality traits. Johnny Tremains personality was veryfascinating, and it was most intriguing to read about how hechanged from a bossy, impatient boy, into a thoughtful,patient gentleman. Even though he was a skilled worker, hewas proud, and full of arrogance. But after his terribletragedy, his rude character died in the birth and death room,and Johnny was reborn as a more patient and caring person.He still wont take pity from anyone, but on the inside he isprobably crying out for help. Although he has no one to talkto, he does have special talents that help keep him goingstrong. Before Johnny burned his hand functional on a sugarbasin, he was a skilled silversmith. Imagine burning your righthand and losing many of your talents, such as writing orusing an ax. After practicing, he painfully learned to use hisleft hand to use an ax. He also learned to legibly write, but it employ to be better before his accident. Now Johnny diligentlyworks for a newspaper called the Boston Observer. Heregularly rides his horse, Goblin, and faithfully delivers thenewspapers. Delivering notes for the British officers proveto be a profitable part of his routine. As the day ends, youhave enjoyed spending time with Johnny.

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Navigational Tools :: Websites Internet Technology Computers Essays

Navigational Tools When designing a website, a web designer must develop and spend a penny an effective way of navigating his or her website. When doing this job, the web designer must postponement the principle of compensation in mind. According to authors Killingsworth and Gilbertson in every revision of a textbook, some(prenominal)thing is lost and something is gained (45). Using this principle of compensation, a web designer must realize the consequences for choosing a picture, icon, or text to represent colligate on his or her web page. For each one there are advantages and drawbacks, which if weighed or balanced properly can enhance that web designers page. Human beings by nature are visually oriented therefore, the web designer should take in a satisfactory medium between the use and placement of either text or graphics. According to Brad Bachetti in his response Creating a Roadmap, If both text and graphics are used to represent the moreoverton, it is visually appeali ng to keep the text and graphics of equal width. This is exemplified on the main page of the WebCT course page (Bachetti). If we take a look at the WebCT course page, we forget find this to be true. The WebCT course page also exemplifies the principle of compensation. The pictures that accompany the text not only compliment each other in width and size, but also enhance each other. Together the pictures and text convey better meaning then they would if they stood alone, thus allowing for easy navigation on the course page.sometimes though a web designer may only want to use a picture, icon, or text to represent a link or navigational tool on a website. According to Principles of Web Design, by David and Jean Farkas, Links must make clear their destinations the page that the link will display (209). Using this simple principle put forth by the authors, a web designer may encounter problems when dealing with pictures and icons to represent links or navigational tools. According to Fa rkas, to design links that will communicate their destination clearly, you need to think about your audience and their information needs (Farkas 209). A picture and icon may have different connative or denotative meanings for people of a different age, gender, race, or nationality. That being stated icons and pictures have some significant advantages over text links. For example, a familiar one is processed faster, icons communicate across languages and cultures, they are visually interesting, and they often save space (Farkas 211).

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Comparing and Contrasting the Role of Women in Things Fall Apart and He

Role of Wo workforce in Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness Women were once little more than slaves to their male betters. Some women business leader pose been respected, but their places were limited to roles as wives and m others. They might rule a home, but were not believed intelligent enough for any other role. This chauvinistic attitude is advantageously reflected in the novels Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, and Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad. In Things Fall Apart, women are praised in their capacities as wives and mothers, almost revered really. In many instances, Achebe paints luminescence pictures of them in these roles. Anasi was a middle aged woman, tall and strongly built. There was authority in her bearing and she looked every inch the ruler of the womenfolk in a large and prosperous family (Achebe 20). Anasis role as Nwakibies first wife is obviously one of great respect and she is regarded nearly as a queen. She presides over the other wives of he r husband and keeps them under control and peaceful. Because she does a good job, she is highly regarded as a woman. Also, Ani played a greater part in the life of the mint than any other deity. She was the ultimate judge of morality and conduct (Achebe 36). This quote may be surprising to the reader at first that men might worship a female goddess, but it fits with feminine roles in the Ibo society. Women are often entrusted with instilling morality in their children and governing their conduct. A female goddess impart remind men to uphold their morals and mind their conduct, more than the way a mother would her child. Again, there is the valued role of a mother for a woman. She will be admired and cherished for that, but little else. Outside the roles of mother and w... ...orld, this is a sad attitude. Worldwide, women have it even worse. In Africa and parts of Asia forthwith women are still as they were in Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart. They hold little power, are married to produce children, and are no much better than slaves. Achebe and Conrad, though indriectly, have painted a pitiful picture of the role of women in certain societies. In both novels, societies run by men eventually turn evil and fall apart. The admired war-like men come to destroy their lives and that of those around them. Well, perhaps it is time to give the women, the guardians of morality and conduct, a go on to run things. Maybe then there will be some peace on earth. Works Cited Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. Greenwich Fawcett Publications, Inc., 1959. Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness. London Penguin Books, 1989.