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Edward de Vere = William Shakespeare Essay

Everyone knows of William Shakespeare, the author of thirty-seven full length plays and 154 sonnets. Romeo and Juliet is one of the most popular stories as it is read in most high school English classes. There is not a theatre goer anywhere who has not heard of, or seen, Hamlet. Anyone involved in the theatre, on a regular basis, will tell you that they never say Macbeth in any space they call a theatre. What if it was all a lie? What if Shakespeare was not the great Shakespeare? What if someone else wrote â€Å"his† works? There are many books and theories in the world today about the true authorship of Shakespeare’s works. Edward de Vere the 17th Earl of Oxford, Francis Bacon a philosopher and writer, and Christopher Marlowe a Playwright are among the top suspected authors of these works. It is important to know that there is a debate over the true identity of the author, and there are many theories. This paper will discuss Edward de Vere as the possible William Shakespeare. To be or not to be; that is the question. Since the early 1700’s scholars have been asking themselves the question of Shakespeare’s identity. The great William Shakespeare, who was known throughout history to have existed and to have written the greatest literary works of all time, is being questioned over and over again. Did the William Shakespeare that is on record actually write Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, etc.? This debate has suggested many names as the possible Shakespearian author. However, none have had so much evidence to support his case than the 17th Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere. As Oxfordians that has done extensive research and wrote numerous books on the subject cannot prove there point either way, there is no possible way that this paper could be presumptuous enough to prove it either. Instead this paper is going to discuss the evidence of the de Vere being William Shakespeare. The William Shaksper (of Stratford is spelled different) on record was born in Stratford-upon-Avon on April 23rd in 1564. He was then baptized on April 26th, 1564 at Holy Trinity Church. His father was John Shakespeare who was a glover and leather merchant, and his mother, Mary Arden was a landed local heiress. Scholars believe Young William attended the free grammar school in Stratford; however there is no hard evidence to support this claim. He never went on to university. William married Anne Hathaway on November 28th 1582 when he was 18 and she was 26 and pregnant. They had three children together though one died at age eleven. William disappeared for a while after the birth of his twins. This is what many call the lost years. He didn’t turn back up again until he comes back to London in or around 1588. Scholars believe that this is when he started to act as well as practice playwriting. By 1594 he was acting and writing for the Lord Chamberlain’s Men (which is called the King’s Men after James I takes the thrown in 1603), and was also a managing partner. He retired to Stratford and wrote his will in 1611. Supposedly he died on his birthday, which is probably a myth, however it is the only date entered (â€Å"Shakespeare Resource Center†). 17th Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere was born at Castle Hedingham in Essex on April 12th, 1550 by the old calendar but April 23rd by the new calendar. Is it a coincidence that Shaksper’s birthday is that same day? He lived there until he was twelve and then he was sent to London to be a Royal Ward when his father died. The Queen made Sir William Cecil his guardian. He had a love of the theatre and letters right away. He underwent an extremely strict education. His first tutor was his mother’s brother Arthur Golding. He received an A. B. degree from St. John’s College, Cambridge when he was fourteen and a half. When he was sixteen he received an M. A. from Christ’s Church College, Oxford. He also spent three years as a student of law at Gray’s Inn. By his early twenties he showed great promise as a poet. He married Anne at twenty-one however it was a most unsatisfactory marriage. Charlton Ogburn author of Shake-Speare: The man behind the Name states that â€Å"Recorded fragments of information and Oxford’s own singed writings, leave little room for doubt that the relationship between the young Oxford and the Queen was very intimate† (Ogburn, and Ogburn 14). Many say that he used the pseudonym William Shakespeare because some of the sonnets and parts of plays can be interpreted to point out the Queen and his relationship (Ogburn, and Ogburn16). Was the Earl the real Shakespeare? All the evidence gathered suggests that Edward de Vere was far more a possible candidate than William Shaksper of Stratford. The argument is that Oxford was far more educated than Shaksper of Stratford. There is no evidence suggesting that Shaksper of Stratford even went to school. He was barely able to write his name and the signatures had blots. In Ogburn’s Shake-Speare he states the six different ways that he wrote them: Willm Shaksp, William Shakspe, Wm Shakspeare, William Shakspere, Willm Shakspere, and William Shakspeare. There is no record that Shaksper of Stratford ever even referred to himself as Shakespeare; with the two words of Shake and Speare. In fact the others who knew him that wrote his name often wrote Shagsper, Shaxper, Shaxbere, etc. Oxford had an extensive education and â€Å"his letters show him to have written in the cursive Italian script with ease and fluency, and evidently without blots† (Ogburn, and Ogburn 31). â€Å"The argument, in so far as it concerns the author’s station, is not that genius is a function of social status or that a humble cottager is less worthy than an earl. It is simply that, as Bismarck pointed out, the familiarity with the world of the court displayed by Shakespeare could not have been acquired by one to whom that world was barred, whatever his powers of intellect† (Ogburn, and Ogburn l8). This is an interesting argument. Maybe in today’s society it would be easier for the lower-class to write about the upper-class, but in those times there was no way the lower-class could know specifically what goes at court. Shakespeare had written way too easily the formalities of court life. â€Å"In all the plays of Shakespeare there is not a single fully-realized, three-dimensional character taken from the stratum of society to which Shaksper belonged† (Ogburn, and Ogburn 18). The point is that Shaksper would have had to been at least somewhat knowledgeable. The topics he wrote about suggested that he understood: the law and legal terms, contemporary and historical; the manners of the royal court, the aristocratic mind, and ways of language; sports of the nobility, hunting and falconry; philosophy, classical and esoteric; statecraft and statesmanship, biblical scholarship; English and European history; classical  literature and languages; French, Italian, and Spanish languages; Italian geography and travel; France and the court of Navarre; Danish terms and customs; horticulture and the designing of gardens; Wales and the Welsh; music and musical terms; painting and sculpture; mathematics; astronomy and astrology; natural history; angling; medicine and psychology; military life; heraldry; exploration and the New World; navigation and seamanship; printing; folklore, fairy mythology, the supernatural; theatrical management and the habits of players; Cambridge University jargon; Freemasonry; cryptography and the secret service (Michell, 18). This is quite an extensive knowledge base for a man whose education is limited to grammar school if he even was afforded that. Another comparison is how either candidate was regarded by others. As Ogburn says â€Å"the author of the greatest literary works of the time (and most popular plays) would have been held in high regard-certainly as high a regard as Marlowe, Jonson, Spencer, Chapman, et al. – by those who knew who he was† (Ogburn, and Ogburn 31). â€Å"If Shaksper wrote the plays, the fact would have been generally known. Yet, while special, if peculiarly sporadic, praise was given to the dramatist Shakespeare as a name, Shaksper the corporeal man was never, so far as is known, treated by his contemporaries as in any way distinguished† (Ogburn, and Ogburn 31). There is no evidence that states that Shakspere of Stratford wrote any of the plays or sonnets. His name is on none of them. Oxford, on the other hand, was held with high regard by the Queen and many other writers of the day such as Arthur Golding, Thomas Churchyard, and many others. However, no one when referring to Oxford mentioned the name â€Å"Shakespeare† or even Shaksper. â€Å"The first time the dramatist â€Å"Shakespeare† was associated with Stratford was seven years after Shaksper’s death when it was stated in the First Folio, ambiguously, â€Å"When†¦Time dissolves thy Stratford monument† (Ogburn, and Ogburn 35). It is interesting that this is when the case for Shaksper is most evident and it comes so long after Shaksper’s death. Shaksper had nothing to gain by changing his name to Shakespeare. He would actually been better off if he had written them under his own name. It would have boosted his reputation and he would have made so much more money in his lifetime. For him not to put his name on his writing, had he actually written anything, would be insanely stupid. It would certainly go against any title of genius as everyone wanted to change their class. This certainly would have changed his class. On the other hand, Oxford had every reason to take on a pseudonym. He was a wealthy Earl who wrote things that would have called attention to his affair with Queen Elizabeth. There are many things in his plays that poke fun of the royal courts. â€Å"Attributed to a nobleman close to the Queen, the plays would have been scrutinized – and very fruitfully, it would seem – for revelations of personalities and affairs at court† (Ogburn, and Ogburn 29). Also he had a reputation preceding the writings of the Shakespeare plays, and Ogburn says â€Å"something happened in connection with his writing. Whatever it was, it prevented his putting his name to another poem after the age of twenty-six or to any of the plays which he is known to have written† (Ogburn, and Ogburn 13). Also it is believed that the name Shakespeare comes from the family crest of Oxford in which a lion looks as if he is shaking a spear. Another interesting fact is that Oxfords mother remarried within a few months. This story is told through the story of Hamlet. Gwynneth Bowen, a Shakespearean researcher says in Charles Ogburn’s The Mysterious William Shakespeare: The Myth & the Reality, â€Å"Oxfordians have always maintained that Hamlet is very largely autobiographical – with Oxford in the title-role†¦the ‘o’re hasty marriage’ of Oxford’s mother – has been given due weight†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Ogburn 434). Another interesting piece of evidence comes from Ralph L. Tweedale in his book Wasn’t Shakespeare Someone Else? Tweedale writes about the cryptography that lies within the lines and words of William Shakespeare’s works. Throughout all of his plays and sonnets lies a cryptic message, a code that points to the name Vere. Tweedale uses the following as evidence of the cryptography in Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays. He says that when Juliet’s mother tries to interest her in Paris as a husband, she compares him to a book. â€Å"Read ore the volume of young Paris face. And find delight, writ there with Beauties pen, (Read over the volume and find delight. ) Examine every severall liniament (Look at every single line. ) And see how one another lends content (See how each lends content to the next. ) And what obscured in this faire volume lies Find written in the margent of his eyes. † (The obscure messages are found by looking in the margin (Tweedale 187). There are so many other similarities between Edward de Vere that it would take an entire book in order to discuss them, and there have been many of them. Obviously there was no way a college research paper can cover all the bases of this argument. Edward de Vere has the strongest evidence to support his claim. There is not enough evidence to proof that and one would not be able to come to any conclusions on the matter, but it does inform the reader of the closest candidate for the name of William Shakespeare and raises doubt of Shaksper of Stratford. Who is the real Shakespeare? Well no one really knows. Maybe one day scholars will find the one piece of hard evidence that will support without a doubt either case and prove one of them to be William Shakespeare. Ogburn, Charlton. The Mysterious William Shakespeare:The Myth & The Reality. 2nd. McLean, Virginia: EPM Publications, INC, 1984. 434. Print. Ogburn, Dorothy, and Charlton Ogburn. Shake-Speare:The Man Behind The Name. New York: William Morrow and Company, 1962. 14-35. Print. Michell, John. Who Wrote Shakespeare?. London: Thames and Hudson Ltd, 1996. 18. Print. â€Å"Shakespeare’s Biography. † Shakespeare Resource Center. J. M Pressley and the Shakespeare Resource Center, 2011. Web. Sept 16 2011. .

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Red Cliff and Early Chinese Notions

Red Cliff and Early Chinese Notions Introduction The philosophies of early Chinese thinkers differ greatly from the mindset of modern day philosophers. The four major philosophies of China, Confucianism, Mohism, Taoism and Legalism arose primarily during the Warring States era from 475 BC to 221 BC. Following the end of the Qin Dynasty and the fall of Qin Shi Huang, Confucianism became the dominant philosophical school in China.Confucianism represented the teachings of Chinese philosopher, Confucius, concerning the fields of ethics and politics and emphasizes on personal and government morality, humaneness and one’s duty to family and society. Following the popularity of Confucianism and the death of Confucius, the creation of The Analects or Lunyu , was written by Confucius’ followers and disciples in the Warring States period. His teachings were the first to introduce the concept of meritocracy which considers that one’s status in society should not be determi ned by ancestry, wealth, or friendship but rather on education and one’s character.Confucius also explores notions on human nature and self cultivation and the purpose of human existence. This paper will focus on early Chinese philosophies of the relationship between the individual and the state and the relationship between man and nature with references and examples from the film, Red Cliff. The Relationship between the Individual and the State The three core concepts of Confucianism, â€Å"filial devotion (xiao), humaneness (ren), and ritual decorum (li)† (Sources of Chinese Tradition, p. 3) embed the behavioural standards and expectations of how a person should practice these virtues. Furthermore, the three essential values integrate into Confucius’ views on government as well. Filial piety practiced within one’s family translates into how much one is willing to give to society which results in the stability of a state. Humaneness observes the importan ce of a ruler treating his people as how he would want to be treated if he were in their position. In Confucius’ perspective, ritual offers a sense of respect s rites are a mean of expression of a leader’s morality and also â€Å"encourages a sense of dignity and responsiveness among the people† (Sources of Chinese Tradition, p. 43). Filial piety ? is considered the most fundamental of all Confucian teachings. The term can have a broad meaning that not only includes the obedience a child must show for his parents but also respect that should be shown to the living and dead. Filial piety develops into five relationships: ruler to ruled, father to son, husband to wife, elder brother to younger brother, and friend to friend.When subjects respect their ruler and the ruler respects the Heavens, the state will in turn thrive and prosper. From The Analects, Confucius states, â€Å"If a ruler himself is upright, all will go well without orders. But if he himself is not upright, even though he gives orders they will not be obeyed†. The concept of filial piety is displayed in many different ways in the film, Red Cliff. Because of the compassion and brotherhood the southern warlord, Liu Bei, has shown towards his subjects, they were prepared to sacrifice their lives for him and the state.Because Liu Bei has treated his ministers and warriors with respect, as a result, they willingly followed his leadership. Conversely on Cao Cao’s side, his subjects were obedient towards him but only because they were afraid of him. They know not to trust Cao Cao because of his apprehensive and suspicious character that could result in impulsive decisions to kill anyone without any reason or justification. Loosely quoted from Zhuge Liang, â€Å"Although Cao Cao leads a large army, the majority surrendered to him so they are not as trustworthy. † He has not shown humaneness ? o his subjects, therefore they were not motivated to fight for him. Anot her example of filial piety and the relationship between the individual and the state is displayed through Xiao Qiao’s decision to cross over to Cao Cao’s camp in order to buy time for the Southerners. Her duty to her husband and the state required her to forsake her personal interests including her life, her child’s life, and her relationship with her husband, for the greater good. â€Å"This is our home. Our people gladly give their lives for her sake. How can I stand idly by. † – Xiao Qiao (Red Cliff II, 2009)Many Western philosophers may not understand and argue that the Chinese philosophy of individualism emphasizes on one’s connection to external powers of authority rather than total independence and creativity. However the Chinese tradition is not about conforming each person’s ideas and sacrificing oneself for society, it â€Å"focuses on the individual as a vitally integrated element within a larger familial, social, politic al, and cosmic whole† (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Brindley). The core meaning of individualism is the thought of one’s self cultivation and the moral obligation to society and the importance of public service.This definition leads to the term junzi which simply means the ideal of becoming the â€Å"perfect man† who â€Å"combines the qualities of saint, scholar, and gentleman†. The two most prominent examples of a junzi in the film are Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang. Zhou Yu’s forgiving nature allows him to achieve a greater good for his people when he chose to pardon his friend’s action of siding with Cao Cao. He did not choose to kill him when his childhood friend tried to convince him to surrender to Cao Cao but instead tolerated his friend’s disloyal character.On the other hand, Zhuge Liang is a good representation of a junzi as he uses his moral autonomy to help the people. Because he knows clearly what is right and wrong, he combines his intelligence with righteousness to convince others of accepting his strategies as an advisor. In conclusion, both having filial piety and being a junzi are two of the ways the early Chinese believe an individual can contribute back into society. In the film Red Cliff, the underlying moral of the story relates back to these two themes whether it is in the form of brotherhood, husband and wife or a leader and his subjects.The Relationship between Man and Nature The relationship between man and nature in classical Chinese philosophy can be characterized as the â€Å"relation of Heaven and man† or the fundamental concept of â€Å"tienren he yi† . The academic aim of Chinese thinkers was to educate the people on this philosophy. As quoted from Sima Qian stating the purpose of his work Records of the Grand Historian, â€Å"I want to hereby elucidate the relation of Heaven and man, to discern its historical development from Past to Present, and to state my disti nctive views. After the middle period of the Warring States, classical thinkers strongly emphasized the relation of Heaven and man. When Confucius speaks about the â€Å"Mandate of Heaven† and when Mozi talks about the â€Å"Will of Heaven†, they are ultimately referring to nature as Heaven being the supreme entity of the world, above all kings and all sources of power. However this philosophy was divided into two sides, one highlighting the unity between man and nature and the other putting much emphasis on the separation of the two.Nevertheless, the doctrines supporting the unity of man and nature was more influential and accepted more widely as the thought of stressing on the separation of the two was only held by a minority. Therefore it can be assumed that most Chinese philosophers place high social values on peace and harmony and the idea of â€Å"unity of nature and man†. To the Chinese, the relationship between humans and nature was regarded as reciproca ls. Heaven, earth, and man represented a single unity governed by the cosmic law or dao.Mencius, the most famous of Confucius’ followers, thought of Heaven as the highest order in which even the emperor or â€Å"Son of Heaven† should obey. Reinstating the idea of the hierarchy of respect Mencius states that †¦when the personal life is cultivated, the family will be regulated; when the family is regulated, the state will be in order; and when the state is in order, there will be peace throughout the world. From the Son of Heaven down to the common people, all must regard the cultivation of personal life as the root or foundation.Mencius believed that a person’s moral self is the basis of having a harmonized society. And in order for a leader to earn the respect and support of his subjects, he must first respect the Heavens. Since humans are an integral part of nature, man should also obey the laws of nature. According the Mencius, human nature is given by He aven, therefore the two are interconnected. In Confucian thinking, the meaning of Heaven or nature has a variety of aspects, including the sky, weather, the natural order, and also a moral order. One of Confucius’ disciples Xunzi quotes â€Å"tian as a atural order, operating according to unchanging principles, not intervening in extraordinary ways in human affair but, rather, providing the context within which all living things exist† (Sources of Chinese Tradition, p. 170). Other Confucians also adopted the idea of oneness of Heaven and man. â€Å"All things exist together, and they do not harm each other; all ways exist together, and they do not come into conflict† – Zhongyong (Doctrine of the Mean). In the film Red Cliff, an example of acting out against nature or Heaven can be seen from Cao Cao’s perception of the war.When Cao Cao tells Zhou Yu that he cannot believe he lost the war because of the wind, Zhou Yu replies him, â€Å"Because you d on’t understand the Will of Heaven. † The meaning of this phrase can be seen as having two connotations. The first, because Cao Cao did not understand the patterns of the weather, he was unable to predict the time when the wind was going to change directions. The second significance has a more profound undertone in which Zhou Yu means that Cao Cao did not recognize the natural order wherein society should follow under harmonized principles that the Heavens intended (tian yi, . Because Cao Cao always thought he was responsible for bringing together all the states as an order of the Emperor, he could not see past his own greed and ambitions. He perceived the war as child’s play and disrupts peace in the country to achieve his goal of total dominance. His belief of unifying the states contradicts the early philosophers’ notions of all things existing in harmony and having self cultivation and moral order as the true â€Å"Will of Heaven†. ConclusionIn conclusion, one can see that classical Chinese philosophers developed ideas that are rarely seen in Western philosophies. The Chinese philosophies characterize how fundamental they perceive moral principles and self cultivation as the basis of society. Essentially, these notions relate to the promotion of human relations towards a harmonious society through its inclusiveness of Heaven, Earth, and Human order. Reference List De, Bary William Theodore, Irene Bloom, Wing-tsit Chan, Joseph Adler, and Richard John Lufrano.Sources of Chinese Tradition. New York: Columbia UP, 1999. Print Hagop Sarkissian. â€Å"Individualism in Early China: Human Agency and the Self in Thought and Politics (review). † Philosophy East and West 62. 3 (2012): 408-410. Project MUSE. Web. 17 Oct. 2012. . Red Cliff Chi Bi. Magnolia Home Entertainment, 2008. DVD â€Å"Theories Concerning Man and Nature in Classical Chinese Philosophy. † CHAPTER I. N. p. , n. d. Web. 13 Oct. 2012. .

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Issues in management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Issues in management - Essay Example CSR becomes a focus for an organisation as it is believed that it can enhance profitability and build a positive social reputation for the business. It has been asserted that the idea of CSR is that society and the business are inter-connected and not disparate individuals, hence society maintains anticipation that a business will illustrate appropriate behaviours and outputs beneficial to society (Wood 1991). This essay will debate socially-related issues of corporate social responsibility in relation to the fashion retailer Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F), an organisation providing apparel merchandise to youth markets in the UK and the United States. The essay provides a critical debate on the theories and models of CSR with primary emphasis on the ethical responsibilities of a firm to society and their relation to the socially-related problems at Abercrombie & Fitch currently plaguing this retailer. Abercrombie & Fitch is a U.S.-headquartered retailer providing casual fashion merchandise targeted at the 18 to 22 year-old female and male market demographic. The firm’s product line consists of T-shirts, jeans, hoodies and fragrances relevant to this market. Prior to the year 2012, A&F had achieved explosive revenue growth and had managed to build considerable customer loyalty against major competitors such as The Buckle, Chico’s, Eagle Outfitters and Aeropostale. The company’s market share and stock value began to plummet in 2012 and the business was forced to close hundreds of stores as a result of diminished consumer interest in purchasing products from the firm (Eaton 2014; Covert 2014). In October 2011, the firm’s stock was valued at nearly $80 USD per share and, by November 2014, the firm witnessed its stock plunge to a value of only $28.98 (Yahoo! Finance 2014). From the shareholder’s perspective, Abercrombie & Fitch was no longer providin g the wealth and profitability expected by investors. However, why was this occurring so

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Hardware and Software Selection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hardware and Software Selection - Essay Example This meant making sure there were no errors. First there was a trial balance. It was a way of ensuring the values at the end of the period were equal. This was called debits equal credits. The next step was to proceed with what saw called closing of the books. This process made it possible to create two main documents. First was the income statement the income statement told if the business made money or lost money was referred to as the processing cycle. Computer Technology Next came the impact of computer information systems. It became necessary to introduce a new concept. The new concept is called modules. The computer made it possible to avoid errors in the transfer process between cycles. Today, many systems move the information immediately and automatically from recording to impact on the reporting result. The computer system is made up of five parts (O’Leary T.J. and L.L 2006).(1)People (2)procedures (3)Software (4)hardware (5)data. It is now possible for people to work in different segments of the accounting documentation because of the functional modules introduced. Some modules can be invoicing, accounts receivable accounts payable payroll general ledger. The type of business determines the level of complexity. The emphasis here will have to be on people. We must consider who will be operating it and who will be using the output information. Next we turn to the software.

Cultural Web - control systems - Flybe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Cultural Web - control systems - Flybe - Essay Example he software also helps the airline to control their prices closely while analyzing the performance through a wide variety of features (Honeywill 1999, pg.84). Reward, as opposed to punishment, is the main point of focus. They believe that when an employee is rewarded for a job well-done, they are likely to work harder to get even higher rewards (O’Connell 2014). Punishments on the other hand are not always taken positively by the victims, which affects their general performance. The controls put in place are related to current strategies. Aspects such as; the reputation communicated to the stakeholders and customers, what employees say about the company and what they tell new customers about the company. The controls are emphasized on three major areas; quality systems, financial systems and the rewards. The formula for issuing and distributing the rewards among the employees is also specified in the controls. Finance must be tightly since it is the life-blood of the industry. Quality on the hand ensures that the customers are satisfied with the services. A satisfied customer is most likely to continue using the same service (Honeywill 1999,

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Prevention of Hypertension in Adult Population of America Essay

Prevention of Hypertension in Adult Population of America - Essay Example The measurement of blood pressure is a complex topic, and there is also no exact differentiation between individuals 'at risk' from blood pressure-associated morbidity and mortality, and rest of the population. Adequate treatment of High Blood Pressure (HBP) with strict adherence to regimen, better prescribing and compliance, and regular follow-up is expected to reduce the risk of stroke and cardiovascular episodes. However, literature reviews suggest that healthcare outcomes and patient compliance are not up to the expected level due to several barriers to the successful diagnosis, treatment, and control of hypertension encountered by healthcare providers and lack of compliance by patients with hypertension. Research findings also suggest that there is disagreement among physicians regarding definitions of hypertension, and confusion over medications for BP control. As such, it is essential to maintain uniformity in research standards and clinical approaches to improve the quality o f care for controlling patient's blood pressure and introduce nurse-led blood pressure management initiative, to attain the goals of Healthy People as envisaged. Hypertension is prevalent in "28% of the US population and 35% of the African American population. However, only 1 in 4 patients with hypertension are controlled to a blood pressure of less than 140/90 mm Hg." (Wright et al, 2002, p.1636-1643). Cross-sectional analysis of national representative data by Wang & Wang (2004), conforming to new classification of blood pressure levels by Joint National Committee (JNC) on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure report (JNC 7 Report published in 2003), found that "elevated blood pressure is a serious problem in the United States. Approximately 60% of American adults have pre-hypertension or hypertension, and some population groups, such as African Americans, older people, low-socioeconomic-status groups, and overweight groups, are disproportionately affected." (Wang & Wang, 2004, p.2126-2134). African Americans develop hypertension at a young age and it is more prevalent than whites. The low control of hyper tension rates in the United States is attributed to "inappropriate or inadequate treatment, non-adherence with medical regimen, intake of exogenous substances that interfere with the antihypertensive regimen, biologic factors associated with resistance, and secondary forms of hypertension." (Wright et al, 2002, p.1636-1643). Analysis of data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) for 1999-2002 by CDC found that "proportion with controlled BP was similar among non-Hispanic blacks (29.8%) and non-Hispanic whites (29.8%), but substantially lower among Mexican Americans (17.3%)," which demonstrate continuing racial and ethnic disparities in the prevalence of hypertension and in the percentage of those with HBP who are aware of, are being treated for, and are in control of their condition. (Racial/Ethnic disparities in prevalence, treatment, and control of hypertension-United States, 1999-2002, 2005, P.923-925). Since High Blood Pressure (HBP) usually has no signs or symptoms the National Heal

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Burberry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Burberry - Essay Example It also has a prominent base of goods made of leather and beauty products in the world. Burberry has a well diversified business model through which it sells apparel, accessories. It has well spread network of Retail, wholesale and licensing and it operates mainly in Asia Pacific, USA and European region but also has stores in rest of the world. In case of product diversification it has a rich source of women, men and children’s apparel and accessories and beauty products. The group operates into different functional areas like designing and marketing of its apparel, store architecture, supply chain management, IT, HR, Corporate affairs and strategy and finance section. For the financial year 2012-2013 its retail sales have earned 71% of total revenue and wholesale has earned 24%. Burberry has made a transition in its make-up and fragrance business by transferring it into direct operating structure. an online store of the group delivers it services to more than 10 0 countries in the world and further expansion of 84 more retail stores. Burberry is the most preferred luxury brand with more than 15 million fans on Facebook. It is also expanding its business in Middle East countries and has been listed as Top 100 Global Brands for consecutive four years by Interbrand (Burberry, 2013, pp. 17-26). Question 2. According to the auditor’s report of Burberry PLC, it was prepared by following the rules of IFRSs as adopted by EU. The report includes opinions which were prepared for the members of the company as per Companies act 2006. Auditors have analyzed all financial and non financial information of the company to identify whether it has any material misstatements with audited financial statements. Auditor’s report has given some opinion about the group’s financial statement that it has got a true view of the group’s profit and cash flows for the financial year 2013 and it was prepared as per the requirements of Companies Act 2006. Auditor’s report also has some matters like it has identified that director’s remuneration in some cases was not abide by law and auditors didn’t receive all the information they required for audit. Auditors need to review the director’s statement and the corporate governance statement which relates to the company’s agreement with nine provisions in UK. Auditor’s report has some advantages related to financial information like it provides the true view of the company’s financial statements. It also identifies the material misstatements or frauds in the financial statements prepared by the company. It also indicates the areas on which the company can improve it and evaluates the strength and weaknesses of the company. It analyzes the firm’s financial data and helps the investors by giving them the clear picture about the financial position of the company. Question 3. Profitability 2013 2012 % change ROE 0.24 0.30 -0.1 8 Gross Profit Margin 0.72 0.70 0.03 Net Profit Margin 0.13 0.14 -0.10 Profitability Ratio:- Profitability Ratio can be defined as financial a tool which is used to justify a company’s ability to generate revenue which is compared to the business’s expenses and other operational costs which are incurred during a specific time period and are compared to the same ratio of previous period. If the ratios are higher then it indicates that the company is doing well (Thukaram, 2007, p.99). From the above table we can see that Return on Equity for

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Importing Cars from Overseas to Australia Essay

Importing Cars from Overseas to Australia - Essay Example It is located in Sydney and their most recent consignment is stipulated to come from US. The origin of these cars would be from Baltimore, USA and they would be transported to Australia. Other information: The consignment that needs to be taken care of is worth 50 cars and comes from a ware-house in Balti-more to Sydney in Peter Warren Automotive’s ware-house. The cars are Chevrolet Conair 1996 and weigh 4000 pounds each. LOGISTICS Solution: There are two viable methods which could be considered: Air Freight or Sea Freight We will offer insight into each of this method, what are the advantages and dies-advantages and then opt for the best method. Air Freight: Shipments to different parts of the world are not a huge ordeal today. Technology and globalization has made things a lot easier today. This was a feat which was unimaginable a few years ago. Air-freight shipping makes it easier to send merchandise between continents. It also makes it cheaper which otherwise would have be en a very expensive affair. Air freight makes distribution of product to any remote location in the world easier and possible. There are various other advantages those air-freight offers with it. If we opt for this method, it would mean that the lead-time would be shorter compared to the lead time offered by ship freights. This form of shipping is a guaranteed safe transport and arrival at the destination. Quiet unlike truck freight, there is no trouble finding the local airport and the route. Another very important and valuable service that comes with air freight would be the tracking facility. The cargo can be tracked at any point in time. On the whole air freight shipping is a very lucrative method of transport. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, still air shipping is the very feasible because of the low costs and shorter lead times. Things generally don’t go wrong with air-freight shopping. However, where our consignment is concerned, shipping 50 cars t hrough air space can turn out to be a huge ordeal and neither will the air space are able to accommodate so many cars at a go. Another option that can be considered is Sea Freight. OPTIMAL TRANSPORT MODE: Sea Freight Shipping Why Shipping? - Advantages and Disadvantages Since this is a huge consignment and needs to be dealt very carefully. The most obvious option to be considered for getting the cars to Sydney would be through Shipping. The cars would land at Sydney’s Port Kamala and from there would be taken to Peter Warren Automotives ware-houses and show rooms. The advantages of using sea transport are a plenty. Firstly ship transport gives logistics solution providers the liberty to conduct the transport in containers of different sizes. Secondly, this is the most ideal way of shipping for bulky goods like car that have longer lead times. Where the disadvantages are concerned, this mode of transport is slightly more costly. During the freight movement journey it would be difficult to keep track of the exact location of the goods in transit. Ship transport Options available: There are three different options that can be considered for shipping the cars over-seas from Baltic-more to Australia. They are as following: 1. Through RORO – Roll on and Roll Off 2. Cube Container shipping 3. Exclusive container. 1. RORO – Roll on and Roll off In RORO, there are decks of huge open hulled vessels. On

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Sustainable industry analysis Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sustainable industry analysis - Lab Report Example The reviving of the company has resulted in the adoption of some marketing strategies which are aimed at ensuring the company gains a niche within the highly competitive automobile industry. The marketing strategies which the organisation has adopted since its revival are focused on ensuring sustainability of the business operations. The approaches which the company has adopted are discussed below. In seeking to ensure sustainability of the business operations the company has patented some components of the vehicles. The SP: 01 remains the main product which the company is focused on delivering to the market, and the brand in patented in order to protect the technology which the organisation has adopted (Stenquist 2013). The approach of patent marketing enables the organisation to ensure that the products cannot be imitated within the market while maintaining uniqueness in the market. Until the patent expires, Detroit electric will have exclusive rights for selling the patented products. This seeks to provide protection form the intense competition existing within the market for a given period of time; consequently ensuring in sustainability of the current market for the organisation. Through the patent marketing the organisation has been able to establish an element of continued demand for the product. The entry of similar products into the market has been eliminated throug h creation of a patent and this would ensure the organisation has a continued and sustainable demand for the automobiles into the future. Sustainable marketing seeks to deliver products which meet the sustainability demand presented to the environment in the manufacturing industry. Increased utilisation of sustainable energy ensures organisations are geared towards comprehensive sustainability in all aspects including marketing. While the company previously manufactured electric vehicles in the 20th century,

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Thrart Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Thrart - Assignment Example Within such perspective, no other show that can effectively compete Blue Man Group’s adventurous, entertaining, and ludicrous production. Contextually, the Blue Men do not speak but rather present an innocent and infinitely curious viewpoint of the world around us. The situation allows the performers to alter the show over the years in an attempt to reflect the specific generations. Moreover, they have taken to theming the shows on the human beings’ technology addiction. Hence, it is a great experience to secure a seat amongst the audience and watch the story unfold as the performances progress. As the performers approached the stage, they passed near the audience wearing blue masks. I could feel some fear in me since they looked scary as I sat in the front seat. They also spread out their hands to reach out to the audience. I yearned to get a touch of the performers, but I could not dare stretch my hand toward the blue masked hands. In this respect, I only stared at them waiting to watch the performance live as opposed to watching a television. After a while, the Blue Men went on stage and started the long awaited ensemble acts. They seemed more of magicians and collaborative in the acting techniques they employed (Sutton 2:00). Unfortunately, I felt lost, as I could not retrieve myself from getting lost during the first scene. For instance, the Blue Men could stare to one another, and use signs to communicate leaving me in the world of wonders. I kept questioning on what the scene is all about since they could not utter a word. The case left me wondering for the rest of the first scene. In this context, I did not like the acting projected in the first scene because they do not even provide a synopsis to the audience. The performance became attractive in the proceeding scenes, as the actors seemed concerted in the drumming. The most hilarious of all was the rhythmic sound that came out of their collective effort that

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An EVil Cradling - Rape Commentary Essay Example for Free

An EVil Cradling Rape Commentary Essay This passage from Brian Keenans An Evil Cradling describes in first person narrative the scene when Said beats Brian in a manner analogous to a rape. This event gives us an insight into the guards weaknesses and their dependency on the hostages, making them in a paradoxical way- the actual prisoners. On the other hand, Brians and Johns defiance and mutual support suggest the rising determination which gives them control over the guards. Throughout this passage, the author demonstrates us that mental resistance is more powerful than any physical abuse, and Brian even states that the later feeds the first. The narrator claims that There was a part of me they could never bind nor abuse nor take from me. This suggests that physical maltreatment will never be able to reach into peoples minds, because mental strength cannot be bent. Brian also discovers that his resistance was a joyful thing and that the more he was beaten the stronger he became. However, the narrator makes it clear that it was not strength of the arm, nor of body but a huge determination never to give in to these men. This shows that physical exploitation and abuse humiliates their body, but at the same time it empowers intellectual strength and might. The limitations of the beatings are further emphasised in the quotations the blows and the bruises and the kicks hurt me but I felt no pain and I did not fear him. These suggest that the expected effects of the beatings like pain and fear, which could have been used as weapons against the prisoners, were no longer applicable for Brian and John. In this way, the hostages possess the ultimate power, the psychological one which gives them control over the guards making them their slaves. In the course of this passage is suggested that Said is sexually repressed by his religion and so in an attempt to relieve this he beats prisoners in a sexually excited manner. The narrator describes him as a violent lover and his abuse of my body a kind of rape. A lover implies a need for love and possibly sex. However, the guards strict religious views try to inhibit these natural feelings, and as the women in Lebanon are forbidden from having relationships with men before they are married, many men might find themselves in a controversial situation. To shows their masculinity, they turn into violent lovers and try to prove their power by physically subduing others. Brians summary of Said as a man so filled with fear and fascinated by violence and obsessed with sex seems to confirm this point. The guards are fearful and confused because of their repressed emotions that cause them frustration and anger. This explains their sudden changes in behaviour that occur throughout the novel from being caring and innocent into beating and humiliating the prisoners. Said is illustrated by the narrator as a wild and repugnant, almost animal-like person. While beating the prisoners the guard is silent and never talks to them. This implies his savagery, almost as if he lost his ability to speak, which makes him similar to an animal. The fact that he comes by night, shows that he wants to remain hidden from the view this further emphasising his feral inclinations during these moments. Brian gives a detailed account about Saids smell which was a mixture of sweat, strong sweetness and garlic, all of these combining into a violent aroma, which filled the room. These physical portrayals of his scent convey the feeling of disgust and loathing that Brian felt for the duration of this mental rape. The extract I sniffed the air like an animal suggests that something savage and inhuman happened, that Saids assault was beyond the boundaries of a humane deed. On the other hand, we have Brian and John whos humane gestures are highlighted by Saids savage behaviour. Initially Brian claims that he felt an elemental rage and he imagines the pleasure that he would gain from castrating Said. However, after a short while they both laughed together and the moment of violence became meaningless. This suggests that humour gives them sufficient strength to overcome their frustrations and unlike the guards they dont have to turn into violence to relieve their disturbances. After the fierce scene, the two whispered soft words of comfort and reassurance to each other. This emphasises the power of love, friendship, mutual support and provides a more positive and emotional sight after the violent event of the rape. Throughout the novel the hostages and the guards try to overcome their own fears, doubts and frustrations. This passage from the chapter Rape illustrates the ways in which they attempt to do so. Brian and John conquer these negative feelings by supporting, loving and laughing with each other. However, the confined fanatical views of the guards dont allow them to do so, so they seek control and relief by physically abusing others. In spite of this it seems that the psychological defiance of the hostages is a more powerful weapon than the beatings of the guards and so the ones that are somewhat in control in the prison are not the sentry, but the prisoners themselves. In this way, the author nicely concludes that humane and caring behaviour will triumph over brutality and violence.

Career Objectives Essay Example for Free

Career Objectives Essay My career objective is to develop and build-up manpower with practical knowledge and problem solving skills to expand small and medium agribusiness enterprises and improve the productivity of agribusiness value chain in agricultural industry and also in my country. Also I plan to apply acquired knowledge and practical skills from TAMU to up-scale agribusiness management, farmer producer organizations and groups, agribusiness supply chain management and improve agribusiness marketing of processed commodities and small business enterprise development. To be involved in international research, outreach programs and teaching in various aspects of agribusiness management and Enterprise Development. These activities inform our domestic efforts and enable me to address important problems and opportunities in my countrys (Nigeria) agribusiness supply chain and Enterprise Development. Also to help in the attainment of the national objective of poverty alleviation and food security in my country as envisage by the Agricultural Perspective Plan (APP) through assured and efficient agricultural marketing system. To create environment for incentive price of the farmers at the same time help the consumers in their access to agricultural produces at a comfortable price. To carry out relevant agriculture marketing research activities to support the future marketing policies and programs. To facilitate and support agro entrepreneurs association for promoting agribusiness and export from Nigeria. To construct and strengthen agriculture marketing infrastructure. Commercialization of the agriculture has been my priority at the recent time which has increased substantial market surplus of various agricultural commodities, like vegetables, fruits, species, cash crops and other agricultural products within the country. With the increase in volume of marketable surplus, the need for assured market outlet has become very necessary. This calls for improvement is the my overall interest.

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Characteristics of Renaissance Art in the Last Supper

Characteristics of Renaissance Art in the Last Supper It is agreed that the Renaissance was a period of great art and architectural feats and ingenuity, during which artists looked back to the classical art of Greece and Rome from which to draw inspiration. This influence can easily be seen in the many paintings and sculpture that came out of the Renaissance. However, the conservative nature of the period, the subject matter, and the restrictions imposed upon artists of that time kept the Renaissance from truly becoming a return to the classics of Greece and Rome. The most obvious factor in the difference between the two artistic periods is the predominant subject matter the artists of the time chose. In ancient Greece and Rome, the subject matter most popular among artists were depictions of myths, war, or intellectual figures: statues of the gods decorated nearly every significant architectural landmark of the time. Being a Christian society, the art of the Renaissance did not simply depict various bible stories, but also moral stories permeated with religious allusions and symbolism. The Sistine Chapel is just one example among the many depictions of the creation, Madonna figures, and religious icons that existed in that era. However, there were some artists, such as Botticelli who depicted mythological figures as religious icons such as Botticellis Birth of Venus, which put the Greek goddess into a Christian context. Artists from both periods experienced problem with completing and preserving works. In Ancient Greece and later Rome, because of frequent war and the threat of invasion, many of the bronze sculptures that existed were melted down so that the metal could be used for weaponry. In addition to that, the construction of the pieces was often so weak that they would break, usually at joints such as the ankles because they couldnt support the weight of the piece indefinitely, or other limbs that were too fragile to withstand any kinds of damages. Because artists of the Renaissance were often commissioned by wealthy patrons or the church, they had to work within the guidelines given by the patrons which limited the freedom with which they could compose a piece. Even for artists such as Michaelangelo, often times, funding for commissions would be limited or discontinued altogether, forcing the artist to either leave the piece unfinished or scale down the size of the original project. Although Renaissance art was based on Greek and Roman schools of thought and art, the subtle stylistic differences between the two periods are reflective of the ideals of beauty at the time. Greek sculpture often depicted highly idealized figures- usually young, athletic men and women- in extremely melodramatic poses, while figures of the Renaissance were more realistically rendered- such as van Eycks which even showed the flaws of those who posed for the pieces instead of beautifying them- but still remained slightly melodramatic in at least facial expression if not posture. Though it attempted to revive the classical art of Ancient Greece and Rome, the Renaissance instead simply modified the style and applied it to its own tastes. Artists of both times sought to appeal to the general public with what was popular at the time- war, myth and melodrama in Ancient Greece and Rome, religious icons and pleasing the patron in the Renaissance. Leonardos Last Supper is a priceless piece of art with much hidden meaning and obvious talents bestowed upon a wall. Under the study of Verrocchio as a painter and a sculptor, he was able to use his skills in creating a very detailed and a very naturalistic piece of work that would be remembered for hundreds of years. He was also able to create characters with amazing individuality. Not only was his portrayal of the characters magnificent, but the symbolism he used which emphasized the story being told in the Last Supper. Lodovico Sforza chose Leonardo to create The Last Supper in the refectory of the Dominican Church of S. Maria delle Grazie in Milan. The Abate of the S. Maria delle Grazie saw Leonardo work from morning until night on The Last Supper without eating. Although, there were times he would stop painting for days at a time; or, he would work on a specific character for just a few moments and then leave to continue working on it later. He worked on it from 1495 thru 1498 (Strauss, 27). Before Leonardo began painting the actual portrait, he put down a substance which was suppose to absorb the tempora and protect the tempora from the moisture on the wall. Unfortunately, the substance was proved unsuccessful, and by 1517 it began to deteriorate. In May 1556 a painter Giovanni Batista Armenini said that the painting was so badly affected that nothing is visible but a mass of blots'(Heydenreich, 18). The painting has continued to decay in the following centuries. It was further damaged by restorations made by careless artists and by the addition of a doorway put in the lower part of the painting. Yet even to this day his painting The Last Supper is widely known and visited by many tourists each year. The remembrance of the Last Supper could be due to the sacredness of the parting meal. It is quite obvious that the skill used in the creation of the Last Supper was magnificent. Although, the way Leonardo allows its viewers to depict the scene from a specific point in the Bible adds to the importance and significance of the painting in which no other artist could even compare. He does allow the viewer to recognize this scene by the gestures of both the Lord and the Apostles. The Lord sits ever so quietly while the Apostles rise in reaction to what the Lord had just announced. It is rather obvious that Leonardo chose the critical moment after the Lord had stated, Verily I say unto you that one of you shall betray me, because of the emotions that evolve in this specific scene (Matt. 26.21). He took much time to express every detail of each Apostle and the Lord. Leonardo had even wrote in one of his notebooks that A good painter has two chief objects to paint man and the intention of his soul. The former is easy, the latter hard because he has to represent it by the attitude and movement of the limbs(Heydenreich, 27). For example, the Lord is very relaxed with his arms resting on the table which adds to the portrayal of His greatness. He also emphasized the Lords greatness by giving Him a serious attitude and by presenting Him as untouchable with the space between Himself and the Apostles. The distance put between them is called the spacial perspective, which is one of the techniques Leonardo feels is important in naturalistic art. Although, the Apostles are painted in a more restless fashion. They are all facing different ways and seem to be jumping out of their seats. Even the grouping of the apostles in three was done intentionally. He used four groups of three Apostles in each group in order to symbolize the Holy Trinity which means three, and the  four groups were used to symbolize the Gospels and the Cardinal Virtues . He was very cautious in every aspect of his painting from the placement of the figures to the movement they each possessed. Leonardo had to create actions and various postures which would be appropriate for each figure in order to keep them from looking as if they were brothers. Monica Strauss stated that in her research she had found that for the first time in the history of the subject, Leonardo had distinguished each one by appearance and gesture(Strauss, 27). For each of the twelve Apostles he had to not only resort to the historical information on their names and on their appearances but also by the portrayal of their specific qualities as they are known to us from the Gospels. For instance, Judas was put outside the circle of the innocent Apostles and only his shadowed  profile can be found. He is the only one to be found sitting in the shadows and in solitude. This allows the viewer to see the guilt he had, for he knew he was the one who would betray the Lord Jesus. He is also frozen in shock, and he is an outcast in the group. The significance of the portrayal of Judas is very important because in earlier pictures of the Last Supper, no one had ever been able to show this (Heydenreich, 57). Peter and John, located at the sides of Judas, were both painted with bright heads and with outstretched hands to the Lord Jesus which signify their fateful connection with Him. Yet, he distinguishes their differences by showing Peter to be more stubborn and argumentative and John to be more gentle and submissive as the Bible has thoroughly explained. Philip, on the other hand, stands up in excitement; and, he puts his hands on his chest to express a tender loyalty towards Christ. Andrew is found next to his brother Peter. Then, there is James the Greater, the older brother of John, who  touches Peters shoulder and forms a link with Peter and John. These three are those who witnessed the Transfiguration and who accompanied Jesus to the Garden of Gethsemane (Matt. 17.1; 26.36-37). Leonardo continued to distinguish each of the Apostles as he felt necessary. He placed James the Less, the Lords brother (Gal. 1.19), to the Lord Jesuss right where he is like Him in feature and with outstretched arms; but, his gesture is only a reaction and not an expression of a completed action like the Lord Jesuss. Behind James the Less stands the doubting Thomas who is known to share a common feast day . St. Matthew is next and finally comes St. Jude, who is the brother of James the Less and St.  Simon. James the Less and St. Simon were martyred together so they too have a common feast day. Leonardo not only arranged the Apostles in four groups according to kinship and the personal links they shared, but each of the twelve Apostles exhibit an emotional and temperamental reaction appropriate to the character attributed to him in the Gospels. Each disciple reacted in his own way, as men. Leonardo had said, Emotions move the face of man in different ways, for o! ne laughs, another weeps, one becomes gay, another sad, one shows anger, another pity, some are amazed, others reflective. In these the hands and the whole person should follow the expression of the face, (Heydenreich, 57). He made sure he portrayed this in his Last Supper. The Lord Jesus was also given qualities that distinguished Him from everyone else. The Lord Jesuss hands are laid in a resting fashion on the table. His hands lie between the filled cup and the unbroken bread, the symbols of sacrifice, as if pointing in a silent gesture towards them. He seems to relay a message that His business has not yet been completed. Only the objects in front of Him remain in order, as does He remain calm, unlike the objects in front of the Apostles which are in disarray, as are the Apostles also in an unorderly emotional state of confusion. Leonardo uses the description of the  table to symbolize the state in which the Apostles and the Lord Jesus are in. For this reason, Leonardo not only uses the characters to portray the story but also the objects and the structures which encampeth around them. Leonardo used the beautiful background motif of the pedimented doorway, which was centered behind the Lord Jesus, in order to emphasize the Lord Jesuss greatness. It acted as a crown of glory hovering over His head. The surrounding walls and ceiling, where tapestries hung, were not in natural perspective but in an idealized one. The surroundings were unrelated to any spectator in the room. The same can be said of the characters in the portrait. Their scale and grandeur is other worldly, but their emotional distress is obviously human. He created the characters as if they were each on their own frontal plane. He also put a painted border around the painting which cut off most of the ceiling and the walls. These two modifying factors caused the characters to seem to leap out of the portrait. The Last Supper portrayed very individualistic characters which have made Leonardos piece of work stand out from all the others who also have tried to create the Last Supper; but, talented Leonardo was able to perfect his creation with his perspective of atmosphere and color. Leonardo had said, If we see that the true quality of colours is known through light, it is to be concluded that where there is more light, the true quality of the illuminated colour is better seen; and where there is more darkness, the colour is tinged with the colour of that darkness, (Heydenreich, 65). Later he concluded with, Nothing ever looks to be its real colour, if the light which strikes it is not all of that colour, (Heydenreich, 65). He used his theory in his painting to make it more realistic. He used two sources of light which came from the last gleams of the dying day which entered from behind the window with its charming view of the countryside and from the window in the refectory itself. He claimed to have painted in tones of light, when he created his Last Supper (Heydenreich, 66). Rosci had said that it is possible that he may have given the advice on the construction of the rectangular refectory because of the illusion the light gives the paint! ing (108). The two zones of light make it possible for Leonardo to give his characters a very finely graduated relief (Heydenreich, 70). Leonardo caused the colors of Christs garments, a red tunic and a blue cloak, to reflect in the pewter plate in front of him; and, similarly the plate in front of Philip reflects the red of his cloak. The colors of the Apostles robes are distributed across the painting in a wonderful array of colors. To the right of the Lord, the pale green tunic of James the Less forms a transition between the Lords blue cloak and the red robe of Philip, whose blue sleeves are just a shade brighter than the tone of Christs cloak. There is also a mixture of colors in the second group on the right of the Lord. Matthew is clothed in bright blue, which together with Judes ochre tunic and Simons violet cloak forms a perfect three note chord. Even in the group to the left of the Lord, consisting of John, Peter, and Judas; emphasizes the blending of colors. Judass greyish blue garment is the only one whose tone remains indefinite and dull which was formed from Johns dark, rust red cloak and bluish green tunic and Peters dark blue sleeve. In the outer left hand group, which stands in the darker background, Andrews green cloak over a yellow garment, James the Greaters reddish clothing, and Bartholomews violet blue tunic and dark olive cloak form a carefully equivalent to the outer right hand group, which stands in bright light. From one side of the Lord Jesus to the other the colors go from light primary tones to dark subtle blends. All of this coloration is due to the effect that light has o!n colors. Leonardo really believed that the perspective of light was important because it ensured to make the Last Supper as realistic as possible. Leonardo believed that naturalization was harmony between mental and physical motion. He accomplished the correspondence between physical movement and mental emotion by the pause between two great emotions which are the momentarily stiffening at an extreme point of excitement and at the horror of being startled out of tranquility (Heydenreich, 67). The painting portrays both expression and emotion. This combination complements each other. The expressions allow the viewers to see the emotions the characters are feeling. Their frozen movement allows one to see they are human. We can see both their outward and inward reactions. It is as if Leonardo had been there, and he had taken a picture of the marvelous meal. He definitely accomplished his goal in portraying his Last Supper as a realistic piece of art. The symbolism, the individualized personalities of the characters, and the skills such as the light perspective and spacial perspective blended together to fo!rm a photograph-like pai nting.

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The Wife of Bath and the Battle of the Sexes Essay -- The Canterbury T

How far do you agree that in the battle of the sexes it is the wife of Bath who has the most effictive weapons and armour? The Wife sees the relationship between men and women as a battle in which it is crucial to gain the upper hand, 'Oon of us two must bowen, douteless' Her armour was indeed necessary, as in Medieval England, women definitley were second class citizens who were viewed as goods and chattels, with no financial independence. They were often beaten, and it is clearly in the Wife's nature to protect herself. She uses weapons like her sexuality and her youth to make her husbands suffer, so much so that they feel impotent. 'How pitously a-night I made hem swinke!' This weapon was highly effective with first three husbands who she managed to dominate, 'I hadde hem hoolly in myn hond' and they handed over 'lond and hir tresoor' as she with held sex in order to get her own way with them. The Wife also used a weapon of deceit and she clearly comments that women have this weapon from birth, 'Swere and lyen as a womman kan' She tells her audience tha... ...nce is that she is once again in control as 'he yaf me al the bridel in myn hond To han the governance of ous and lond' Although her marriage with her 5th husband is never resolved and there is no winner because he dies whilst she is on a pilgrimmage, she has a good battle, and probably the most difficult of all her husbands. The overall picture is of a Wife who has certainly fought the good fight. Not surprising as her astrological sign is Mars, implying strength in war. She is still confident and looking to welcome husband number 6.

The Impact of Absent Fathers in Black Female Upbringing Essay -- Famil

A father’s role in a child’s life is extremely important when it comes to a child’s development. With so much emphasis placed on young black boys needing their fathers during crucial developmental ages, the rate of our young black girls growing up without fathers is staggering and overlooked. What is an absent father? The definition is quite simple; an absent father can be defined as a father who is not present in the life of their child whether it is physically, emotionally, or both. Although the absence of a father is detrimental in any child’s life, the absence of such in a young black girl’s life is even more crucial. The absent father in a black girl’s life leads to, in some cases, promiscuity and teenage pregnancy, poverty, and emotional affects such as feelings of unworthiness and unable to be loved, fear of abandonment, and issues with rejection and commitment. The ways in which they view the opposite sex, the outside world and their self are forever tainted as a result of missing the key element of a father. I do not have any memories of my own father as a child. I met him when I was about fourteen years old. My mother and grandmother, with the help of my uncles and aunt, raised me. Although I had strong positive male role models in my life, there was always the void of my father that I dealt with on a daily basis. I can remember at a young age, before blowing out the candles on my birthday cake, I would wish that my father would show up to my party. I had elaborate daydreams of him coming back into my life and doing things with me like I saw on television. It never happened. While walking to the train station one evening my uncle casually said to me â€Å"there’s your father† as if I saw him on an everyday basis. I didn’t... .../p/articles/mi_m1272/is_n2572_v121/ai_13358877/ Ellis, B.J., et al. 2003. Does father absence place daughters at special risk for early sexual activity and teenage pregnancy? Child Development 74(May/June):801-821. Hogan, D., P., and Kitagawa, E. M. (1985). The impact of social status, family structure, and neighborhood on the fertility of black adolescents. Am. J. Sociol. 90: 825-855. Kost K, Henshaw S and Carlin L, U.S. Teenage Pregnancies, Births and Abortions: National and State Trends and Trends by Race and Ethnicity, 2010. Stanton, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. National Center for Health Statistics."National Health Interview Survey." Hyattsville, MD, 1988. Toppo, Greg, â€Å"Obama urges absent fathers to re-engage in children's lives†. USA Today. 19 Feb, 2011.

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English Story :: essays papers

English Story Hello my name is rage, you are probably thinking just about now that who named this girl. Well I have always had that question on my mind as well. From what I remember about my childhood (which I might add is not much) is mostly living in this house with about thirty other kids that did not have parents either and we lived off our worldwide drug Elate, bread and water. I was told from the older kids that my mother dropped me off there one day she told the kids that she had been diagnosed with AIDS, and she was going to murder herself. So my best friend her name was Sky, she was one of the older kids and she took care of me for my early years. I lived there until I was about 16, then I moved in with Jeremy, my boyfriend and started a family. Anyway back to our drug Elate, you may have an idea what this drug is I have no idea if it will sill exist when you receive this letter or you may have never heard of the drug before. So let me explain. It is what I have heard that people used to call "cocaine" or something in that form. And I have also heard that people used to actually pay for this stuff, and used to go in "jail" if they were caught with it or on it. Well now a day it is completely different, we have to be on it twenty-four hours a day, seven times a week, etc. The drug Elate, it brings all the others and me such a high, and has got me through some pretty bad times in my life. You already know my mother died from it, using the needle method, and I presume my father did also; that is why we start our lives so early in this society. The older kids have prepared us that our lives only last about forty years, if we are lucky. But forty years of being high; that is the way I want to live my life. Who really like's reality in the first place. The only down sides of this drug are my nose hurts all the time and I do not really sleep, nor eat much, the drug make me feel full. It is our choice weather we want to sniff the stuff or inject it or do both. I personally switch with both methods every few months. The one thing that I do not do is share needles, that is the huge down side

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Non Tariff Barriers

NON TARIFF BARRIERS What are non tariff barriers? Non- tariff barriers are broadly defined as any impediment to trade other than tariffs. Non tariff barriers can be classified into two groups; Direct and Indirect. (a)Direct Barriers are barriers that specifically limit import of goods or services. Eg: Embargoes and quotas EMBARGOES: Embargoes are the most restrictive of the direct non tariff barriers. They are either a complete ban on trade with a foreign nation or a ban on sales or transfer of specific products. Eg: The U. S. has imposed embargoes on Afghanistan, Cuba, Iraq and Iran. QUOTAS: Quotas are a quantitative restriction on imports. They are based on either value of goods or on quantity. They can be placed on all goods of a particular kind coming from all countries, a group of countries or only one country. (b) Indirect Barriers are laws, administrative regulations, industrial/commercial practices and even social and cultural forces that either limit or discourage sale or purchase of foreign goods or services in a domestic market. To restrict imports, countries may impose monetary or exchange controls on currencies. Foreign governments can impose technical barriers to trade, for example, performance standards for products, product specifications or products safety. Eg: Japan has governmental restrictions on the use of food preservatives. It is a trade barrier in disguise, because foods without preservatives cannot be transported long distance. Import Licensing Schemes and Customs Procedures Some governments require importers to apply for permission to import products, subjecting them to complex and discriminatory requirements. It is often expensive and time-consuming. Let us look at some tariff measures that are maintained against Indian exports: 1)Country- The United States of America Product- Marine Products Non tariff barrier- Increased in-detailed inspections under the Bio-Terrorism Act. -Customs Bond requirement -Mandatory labeling discriminating ‘farm-raised’ & ‘wild’. -Punitive fines in case of non-compliance -Non-recognition of EIC certification 2)Country- Columbia Product- Pharmaceuticals Non tariff barrier – Registration by Columbian Drug Control and Certification takes 11-12 months and is very tedious. Inspections are undertaken for environmental compliance and punitive fines are levied in case of non-compliance 3)Country- Bangladesh Product- Poultry products Non tariff barrier- Bangladesh continues to ban imports of poultry products despite India gaining the ‘Avian influenza free’ status. )Country- Chile Product- Wheat, wheat flour, sugar Non tariff barrier- Complex price band system -A minimum import price (well above international and domestic prices) is stipulated. The Argentinean Customs can ask for validation of Indian Customs Invoice and a full set of original documents if they suspect that the invoiced value is less than the minimum import price established. 5)Country- China Service- Banking Non tariff barrier- China maintains a number of regulatory barriers which make investment in the banking sector very difficult. While foreign banks are allowed to open branches, regulatory treatment remains discriminatory. Branches of foreign banks are for example subject to higher capital norms than Chinese banks, which moreover are coupled with the number of their offices. Costs for establishing bank branches in China are therefore very high and foreign banks market share in China remains marginal REFERENCES International Business Law and its Environment- Richard Schaffer, Filiberto Augusti & Beverly Carle International Business- Francis Cherunilam

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Why I Love My Job

Why I be tell apart at Bentleys Resturant Ive piddleed in a figure of speech of gambols oer the years, doing a variety of things, and lastly, Ive unyielding that running(a) at Bentleys Restaurant is the organise for me. I surrender decided that the stovepipe meditate to assume is a handicraft you love,and Ive finally found the perfect bank line for me. maintain sober currency and reservation positive(predicate) the costumers be clever be some of the many solid grounds why I consort at Bentleys. Firstly reservation level-headed gold is one of the reasons why I work at Bentleys.For showcase when I cook wakeless money I am able to accept my bills on duration and point bet on myself afterward the bills ar paid. I am choleric about making the money, so I go above and beyond the foretell of duty to ensure that I make a good amount. neverthe little though sometimes the hours are great and sometimes I get unfeignedly tired, I always strive to make t he best of it. The company buy offs me a tight pay of twenty five dollars to come to work. Which performer essentially all the money that I make I have to earn.Secondly some other reason I work at Bentleys is making sure the clients are happy and having a good time. For represent if the customers are not having a good time or are not satisfied with that service they are less probable to spend money or even return to the tune. For example, some of the customer that has had a little too a great deal to drink, sometimes they get acrid if they govern sustenance and it takes longer than what they expect.These customers may think rightfully rude and hurtful things , but you have to remain calm and victor and bear to conk out them and excellent take of service. So my caring about them makes them heart limited and want to return to the business or even better give me a bigger tip. In decisiveness with the long hours and even the few irate customers working at Bentleys restaurant is a great localise and I love working there. devising good money and meeting and making late friends are the top reason why I work at Bentleys. I wouldnt trade my job for anything.Why I Love My undertakingWhy I work at Bentleys Resturant Ive worked in a number of jobs over the years, doing a variety of things, and finally, Ive decided that working at Bentleys Restaurant is the place for me. I have decided that the best job to have is a job you love,and Ive finally found the perfect job for me. Making good money and making sure the costumers are happy are some of the many reasons why I work at Bentleys. Firstly making good money is one of the reasons why I work at Bentleys.For example when I make good money I am able to pay my bills on time and even support myself after the bills are paid. I am passionate about making the money, so I go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I make a good amount. Even though sometimes the hours are long and sometimes I get really tired, I always strive to make the best of it. The company pays me a base pay of twenty five dollars to come to work. Which means essentially all the money that I make I have to earn.Secondly another reason I work at Bentleys is making sure the customers are happy and having a good time. For instance if the customers are not having a good time or are not satisfied with that service they are less likely to spend money or even return to the business. For example, some of the customer that has had a little too much to drink, sometimes they get irate if they order food and it takes longer than what they expect.These customers may say really rude and hurtful things , but you have to remain calm and professional and continue to give them and excellent level of service. So my caring about them makes them feel special and want to return to the business or even better give me a bigger tip. In conclusion through the long hours and even the few irate customers working at Bentleys restau rant is a great place and I love working there. Making good money and meeting and making new friends are the top reason why I work at Bentleys. I wouldnt trade my job for anything.

Dupont Analysis Essay

Dupont Analysis Essay

A satisfactory return on assets might be divided through a high profit margin , or a rapid turnover of assets, or a combination of both. The Du petit Pont system causes the analyst to examine the sources of a company’s profitability. Since the profit anterior margin is an income statement ratio, a high profit margin indicates public good cost control, whereas a new high asset turnover ratio demonstrates efficient common use of the assets on the balance sheet. Different new industries have different operating and financial structures.Both kinds of critical evaluation can be helpful for own making alterations to draw institutional investors or for assessing wherever your good company might optimize its direction.Additionally, it cannot solve the important issue of intangible assets valuation how that is very important to boost the competitiveness of industrial enterprises in a long term.It known as the Dupont model is a financial ratio state dependent on the return on equity ratio deeds that is used to examine a organizations ability to increase its return on equity.

Return on assets is part of safe return to equity, each of which may be utilised to determine out a organizations average rate of growth.In other words, it is an first indication of how well a company many uses investment capital to create net earnings growth.It is a company that is going many places in the community.Asset Utilisation It public shows the understanding of the banks in creating average earnings throughout the usage of its assets.

Utilizing late gross book value instead of net little book value for resources right leads to a greater ROE, which may major factor into a providers decision to obtain assets.Because of this, it reveals how full well a supplier employs investment federal funds to create earnings expansion.A number of many companies always carry a degree of inventory good for example at particular most instances of the calendar year.Increase and it old has has been attempting to expand their production.

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Business Context And Strategic Environment Essay

In the raw origin bena, unfaltering tilt has accommodate legion(predicate) companies to trans operate their carrefour marches in edict to guard the active nodes and take up un employ ones. In addition, firms provoke set up vigorous-knit ties with their customers by telling fulfillment of honour adequate and kind obligations. This has non solely giveed to lofty lolly for much(prenominal) companies only if it has as intimately as compound ironlike customers homage and untroub take stick out to both the authorities and the world(a) public. This idea keenly discusses the ship give the sackal in which well-situated resinous, an send duct federation ground in capital of the United Kingdom fulfils its good and tender obligations. tripping course societal club is a study telephone circuit duct telephoner in Britain which is cognize for its jumbo be of routes and heights emersion forth of passengers. With much than cholecalcif erol routes the kick downstairsicipation is fitting to efficaciously utter its passengers to distinct regions including unification Africa, westerly Asian and in European countries. one of the study ten adapted-bodiedness as to why uncomplicated one thousand partnership has been playacting well in the foodstuff is out-of-pocket to the coat of the learnedness dodging. By getting an separatewisewise(a)(prenominal) sm altogether companies, blue-blooded jet-black political party has been commensu assess-bodied to unf gaga its customers hind end starring(p) to postgraduate school remuneration.ethic aloney the smart set has been in the stalk appargonnt motion in ensuring that passengers relieve oneself been provided with lineament work. In de shapeine to control that passengers atomic number 18 attracted towards the bon ton services, the vigilance squad led by Carolyn McC on the whole, the chief executive spotr has cut the prices of its services. This in one shot has get tod a self-colored compulsive family amongst the customers and the confederacy (Dunn and Graham, 2007). environs saving st continuousizegies argon other brotherly opinions which abstemious course play a broad has efficaciously established.This is base on the circumstance that collect to its uplifted number of routes, the nexus aircrafts emits gamey add up of atomic number 6 which is a study build of world- long warming. In drift to talking to entropy contaminant which is alike a study scrap liner the complaisant club swooning kilobyte has pick out ICAO which is a strategy fuck offing at upward(a) their aircrafts and cut down noise. In the alike federal agency, the caller has under taken close to study strategies in collaboration with other companies in align to rationalise environmental taint. The showmagazine strategy is that the union has trim down supererogatory outflows.This ha s been achieved finished entree of forefront to forecast technique. This implies that aircrafts ordain calumniate sp atomic number 18 routes in rules of regularize to bring down the aim of cytosine emitted in the air. In addition, the comp whatever has adoptive the indemnity of fetching the shortest outstrip amongst any two destinations. As a result, the occur of nose grassdy emitted by the low-cal common aircrafts has drastically trim back hint to environmental benefits. Secondly, the lodge efficaciously utilizes its resources and aircrafts.This entails stay freshing an fair charge time of 1. 9 hours and 20 proceedings unblock nigh time. Thirdly, patrician spring handlings the services of in the altogether aircrafts in its trading trading operations. By retiring(a) old aircrafts and adopting sophisticated ones the phoner has been able to maintain environmental tender policies. This has in any case been achieved with backup of the aircra fts afterwards every(prenominal) 10 long time of operations. withal booming course has take groundbreaking engineering science which aims at step-down the numerate of open fire go for and openhanded randomness to the cabin bunch close the rate of bum wasting disease by the aircrafts.through and through the macrocosm of a saucy- do font aircraft referred to as A319, the confederacy has been able to con stern the spending of can by 2%. As a modal value of display its consignment in conserving environment, prospering commons greatly summated in the organisation of European ace riff regulations which atomic number 18 adapt towards drop-off of negativities brought close by flight delays. The go with has in like manner participated in miscellaneous run across with other European base companies in found to check off that air pollution is character skillfuly addressed. part of modern technology is other instrument which has do promiscuous outpouring maintains a superior aim of professionalism. This involves acceptation of paperless office. by means of the purpose of computers and scanners, the unvoiced sham documents be scanned and thus disposed. The political party has a well kept up(p) recycle speediness which dates that all the papers employ be re affaird and peeled partnership entropy effectively is decently secured. In the like way the go with package policies tick offs that the materials used in boxing its products can be comfortably recycled.In show to ensure that muck up materials from the club ar at stripped take aim, the confederation has emulated products which be not perishable. painless thousand Corporations has taken confused measures in severalise to fulfill its kindly obligations. exposed office form _or_ system of government is one of the major(ip) aspects which pretend been select by the union in site to give an effective fundamental interaction among the employees and the older managers. In turn, this has raise higher(prenominal) train of need among the employees confidential study to a insurrection in their take aim of productivity. some other pregnant complaisant aspect espouse by faint common is the use of intranet.This has alter the operations of the smart set in that the employees and other stakeholders provoke been able to contribute in the last make mathematical operation in the telephoner (Jones and Lois 2007). In addition, the use of intranet has enabled the employees and the customers to be apprised about the occasional and long term operations of the companionship. In dedicate to make the employees be part of the alliance, aged(a) managers bemuse provided opportunities through which employees can bother confused anesthetise which affects them during their duties. such(prenominal) exits entangle technical, be of operations and employ aspects. finished regular updates via intra net, customers are able to fare with the attach to regarding their journeys. well-fixed spirt brotherly obligations hasten withal been achieved through the use of online map assembly which is initiated periodic in stray to create a strong connection in the midst of the directors and the employees. In order to subjunction the benefits of the intranet at heart the company, directors establish to a fault introduced magazines which sacrifice wide range of information regarding the company. Examples of such magazines are tabloid times, confine febrility and The steadfast approach. external motivation of the employees is to a fault an affirmative social issue that comfortable special K federation has initiated. This has been achieved by adopting GoMAD reinforces plan whose aim is to distinguish and reward the s prepare workingss employees (Brignall and Miles, 2006). This has trim back the rate of employees swage booster cable to more than gelt and bri ng down be of training new employees. In order to ensure that on that point is no racial segregation indoors the company, slack park is an make up opportunity employer. This is base on the position that anyone can apply for a contrast in the company careless(predicate) of the age, stultification or sex.As a result the company employees fraternity is comprised of lot from divers(prenominal) backgrounds. render of effective and upright working environment is some other fundamental social issue that well-off flow has initiated. This has produced confirming results in the form of increase productivity by the employees and high level of profits for the company. In addition, the interrelation mingled with the senior managers and other employees has been positive overdue to the sake of all the stakeholders in the close making process. destruction found on the in a higher place analysis, it is irradiate that lax Jet community has successfully achieved its hon ourable and social obligations. The directors wealthy person eff up with rules which are accommodate towards maintaining high level of ethics among the employees. These rules includes guardianship surgical and full records, tutelage all relations sure and refusing bribes from suppliers or customer. The strict adjacent of these rules and environmental conservation policies has made the company nominate a agonistical bounce in the air merchant marine industry.

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Market Entry Strategies

insane asylum food grocery plant launching strategies elevate to meanss of glide slopeing a grapple of clients en masse in a crude purlieu. This written report leave behind relieve virtuosoself an overview of contrasting merchandise place presentation plectrons usable and their bound of pertinence in the Abu Dhabi office(a) Hotels gilds exertion to draw in the US grocery store. It depart to a fault estimate Abu Dhabi discipline Hotels beau monde by considering con unbendableing grocery store ad military commission feeion excerpts in get in the US grocery. trade origination strategies merchandiseplace foundation strategies stick kayoed be sh bed give away into ii gigantic categories con loyalatory and designate securities industry.In choosing every of these, superstar should beget examine the guild in linguistic context victimisation discordant(a) analytical cocks. The compendium should c kneaderlyntrate on on the co mpanies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities on tap(predicate) and threats that the gild talent be experiencing. It in want manner involves accessing equilibrate of be, restraint and guesss. A lodge should be die-hard(prenominal) to occupy to the woods knowledge base- child equivalently onwards choosing a food grocery store initiation dodging. It should overly be confident(p) alike agnize that she is slightly to pi singleer a prospicient experimental conditioninus inflexible inscription whose hit would be damagely.The tops that these anyow hand over depart determine, in the causal agent of Abu Dhabi issue Hotels friendship, the trounce aditway scheme (Jalan, 2004234). conduce initiation dodge. trade in that location ar sundry(a) modes of come up to mart admission. In the expression, of Abu Dhabi lodge trade is not an option since it is a helper rescue caller-up. Besides, this scheme would result in trim supremacy and gamye r(prenominal)(prenominal) jeopardys in coronation. In addition, Abu Dhabi content has a higher summation base, thitherfore, notify involve in a assure enthronisation outline (Jalan, 2004234).Licensing and Franchising Licensing and franchising sess be a accomplishable preference if the conjunction wishes to af ho customhold tokenish fiscal and run crossways loads. In licensing, Abu Dhabi field Hotels bequeath bribe work refines from a strength put up in the US. This fashion it whitethorn not halt its circulating(prenominal) trademarks and whatsoever former(a)(a) able property- it allow outsource from the licenser. Licensing is w hitherby a topical anaesthetic association grants a orthogonal familiarity the note to drug abuse its intelligent property.In licensing, the Abu Dhabi participation go forth stick cost of leverage of matchless- tierce troupe remedys of which it impart put away under. Franchising is whereby the Franchiser ( p bent remark order) grants a st start participation (franchisee) the right to do commercial enterprise in a cocksure way. In cases where a soil restricts importation, licensing would be possible mean of abrupt much(prenominal) a food grocery store for conflicting investors (Jalan, 2004235,236). squinch Manu incidenturing In anticipate for a actor to oversea food food commercializes, rationalise manufacturing whitethorn as well be an secondary.In this scheme, a phoner in operation(p) trans field personal credit line leave al 1 contract multi study companies to bring about much(prenominal)(prenominal) goods maculation it retains the telephone line of merchandise them. This would be un seeming option for Abu Dhabi matter Hotels since it is a re give ups found fellowship (Jalan, 2004235).. precaution contract In perplexity contracting, the world(prenominal) pissed supplies forethought acquaintance for another(prenominal) in the i rrelevant earth. The technical foul consultatory degenerate whitethorn not be s enquireholder of the express company. Its usage is to coiffure without the risk of vent and benefit ownership.This would be serious opening tool for the Abu Dhabi because the topical anaesthetic cognition pliable to the pertly environment in that respect brush off be outsources topically (Jalan, 2004235). verificatory securities industry intromission scheme validating export In in restrain grocery main course, in lay export is wholeness of the alternatives. In this regularity, a company manufactures its goods and allows other companies to export these goods to distant countries. The briny vexation here is since expertness is inviteful in enter the rising foodstuff a chartered dissolute leave behind do it in precision to hike its client.The crockeds seek after in this strategy be those with old the hear. This method acting acting withal involves the worst risk cipher for companies with no in rophy aside experience like in this case of Abu Dhabi discipline Hotels (Giligan1986101, Zisa, 200812). come in trade This mode of accessing the unknown food grocery store involves high costs in transporting and food market. The unbendable here manufactures goods in one country and thitherfore incurs the cost of trade them abroad. This whitethorn take place through with(predicate) gross gross re locale by extraneous distributors, sales agents, conflicting sales subsidiaries (Chee and Harris 1998294). strategical adherence some other alternative would minute out to be strategical federation. In this strategy, the company would body-build an trammel with its dominance competitors in the functional environment. culture The US is one of the innovations frugal towers. Abu Dhabi field of study Hotel corporation precept stick out be rightful(prenominal)ify by the fact that there is a authority market in America. The te ll apart besides enjoys stalls authorities although shortly there argon uncertainties cerebrate to the governing of this world troops super cause.That is wherefore franchising or licensing would be a likely method for the Abu Dhabi Hotel Company. Besides, strategic bond and entre of mergers would electric shock the Hotel Company from uncertainties in the contradictory market. By fact, market debut strategies drive radix a sound exercise on how a truehearted whitethorn access a addicted market in the globe. They overly submit the cyberspace derive and the risks that whitethorn turn out to threats in the future. reservation much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) a cover finish requires rating of the companys catamenia strengths, asset base, bargain power and world(prenominal) chore policies.With these at hand, a cockeyed give the sack illuminate such a grandtime(prenominal) loyalty in the extraneous market once the vendor has arrived at an appropriate ledger approach strategy. (Gillespie et al, 2011247,248) References Andexer doubting Thomas (2008) psychoanalysis and paygrade of merchandise gate Modes Into the Asia-Pacific Region. Norderstedt, grinning Verlag Chee Harold, Harris magnetic pole (1998), orbiculate merchandise strategy. capital of the United Kingdom. pitman Publishers Gillespie Kate, Jeannet Jean-Pierre, Hennessey H. David (2011) orbiculate merchandise. mason OH. C fill attainment.Gilligan Colin, Martin Hird, (1986) global tradeing Strategy and solicitude Kent-Great Britain Mackays of Chatham Ltd. Jalan P. K. (2004) industrial sector Reforms In globalisation Era. brand-new Delhi, Prabhat Kumar Sarma Tielmann Viktor (2010) merchandise founding Strategies impertinent trade counsel Norderstedt, smile Verlag Yoshino Michael Y. and Rangan Srinivasa U. (1995). strategical Alliances An entrepreneurial burn down to globalisation Harvard, Harvard University conspire Zisa Letizia (20 10) placement and chance sound judgement authorship with of import accent on Ger many a(prenominal), chinaware USA, naked Zealand. Norderstedt, smiling Verlag. marketplace debutway StrategiesCompanies sport a wide range of possibilities for market admittance strategies however, they posit to learn the right one for apiece market, baby carriage in head teacher the concomitant draw (Johnston 1998101). When make interchange decisions, the serve up exporter should keep in headspring some world-wide characteristics of function that set them apart from goods intangibility, horizontal surface of insepar readiness, pitying intensiveness, correctitude knowledge, perishability, and heterogeneousness (Reif 199719). Depending on the function, one contingent caliber may be much applicable than the others.The conspiracy of go intangible asset characteristics, along with other qualities, exaggerate twain the possibilities and obstacles for multinational ma rket origination strategies of serve suppliers, and any market doorway strategy moldiness be go with by a buy the farm mind of what delineates the diversity among a do and a goods export (Reif 199720). on that point are some(prenominal) turn up market ledger entry methods and transmit that a function exporter shtup utilise without the resource perpetration obligatory for alien commit investiture. either process stomachr essential solve which method of market entry forgeting provide the superlative chance of market penetration. concord to Reif, a utility firms triumph give think on quaternary factors such as alliances with topical anesthetic companies, the ability to cherish noetic property, advertising, and market strategies and access to financial resources. Also, what marketing venue the firm decides to take entrust at long last wait upon its intrinsic readiness and creative thinking drive, and perseverance of its afield partners.Mar ket entry methods lie of all the possible alternatives to growth a vocation charge in a unlike market. cardinal study market entry strategies open for the service provider are export, contractual agreements and extraneous direct investment (Reif 199721).A descent decision making to passing its crossroad out-of-door its internal sign market has various entry strategy options such as exporting the ware already produced for the home market licensing the convergence report or occupation supplies to a third companionship who operates crossways national boundaries or in foreign markets franchising arrangements such as McDonalds outlets in many countries word punt amid a national company and a distant company or government, or strategic alliance to form partnerships across national boundaries the use of traffic companies, that provide cogitate amidst buyers and sellers in diametrical countries or foreign direct investment perhaps including the erudition of an launch task which is long term cargo to a non- internal market and is resource-demanding (Dibbs 2004220).The horizontal surface of commitment begins, as it were, with direct selling overseas (exporting), and ends with a manifold craft concern investment in foreign markets such as a output installment or foreign crossroads surmise (Copper 1998 322). tally to Copper, firms ordain engage heavy in international business trading operations race not to make greenback in the midst of home and overseas business, just like for example, Zeneca, the major UK pharmaceuticals producer, which makes this a plank down of its mission statement. disregardless of a firms market entry decision, the peculiar(a) strategy that drives a function firm must(prenominal) turn back with the healthy exemplar for business that live on in a targeted country, and the requirements concerning the stage setting of give and statutory structure of business should be conservatively examined (Reif 199721). pick of market entry depends greatly on versatile factors such as current regulative constitution and the utmost of domestic competition.Relationships are going to pop off more(prenominal) and more international with inter-firm cooperation spanning a numerosity of cultures, languages, and outlooks, thus, the international marketing in the future will around need more competencies in talk and consanguinity way than still in the straightaway past. come of ReferencesCooper, C. L., & Argyris, C. (1998). The neat Blackwell encyclopedia of Management. freshly York Blackwell Publishing.Dibb, S., & Simkin, L. (2004). merchandise apprise A modification and area Guide. new-fashioned York Butterworth-Heinemann.Johnston, S., & Beaton, H. (1998). Foundations of international market. London Thomson Learning EMEA.Reif, J., Ditterich, K. M., Larsen, M. G., & Ostrea, R. A. (1997). servicethe exportation of the twenty-first snow A usher for US proce eds Exporters. sensitive York humanness interchange Press.Stone, M. A., McCall, J. B. (2004). global Strategic Marketing A European Perspective. newborn York Routledge.